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Virtual Office

  • Registered address

  • Phone Forwarding

  • Call Answering

  • Fax Number

  • Meeting Room Support

With companies increasingly shifting over to remote working, especially with the Covid 19 situation, it is important to set up a virtual office, to the benefit of both employers and employees. A virtual office eliminates commuting time and reduce overhead and operational costs.

Furthermore, working from home makes workers more motivated, flexible and have higher productivity.

With all these benefits, it is time to embrace the modern way of running a business, and that is remotely.

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Virtual Office Services
Registered Address

A registered address increases a company’s credibility and reliability. 

More importantly, it is one of the requirements to register a company in Singapore. The address would act as a mailing address that is stated on corporate stationery such as letterheads, name cards, or souvenirs. With a registered address from virtual office services, you can avoid the high overhead and operational costs associated with monthly rentals of office premises while increasing your company’s profitability.

Phone Forwarding

A phone forwarding is a useful service to engage with if you want to divert company phone calls to a Singapore/overseas mobile or fixed line. This service helps provide a specific business phone line in Singapore and allows you to fully have control over it. With the service, phone calls would be a rich experience for your clients which can increase their confidence in your company.

Call Answering

With the dynamic changes and so many activities occupying your business, you may only have a short period of time thinking about increasing your customer support through professional call answering. Associated courses and training would cost a lot of money and put your company’s finance at risk. In times like this, call answering service is a great solution to handling all incoming calls during your preferred working hours. Besides, the phone line can be stated on your corporate stationery as well.

Fax Number

In many cases, fax mailing is more trusted and convenient for business than general mailing or electronic mailing. That is why fax number plays an important role in your business’ growth, not merely a series of number to display on your corporate letterheads, websites, name cards, forms, or souvenirs. The service helps deliver all faxes delivered directly to your email in 24/7.

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